Mavis aruma is an indigene of ozalla in enugu state. she holds a combined honors degree (english and theatre arts) from the university of nigeria nsukka. she is an actress, poet, and a theatre director. she loves to express herself through art writing and art education and she is excellent at that. mavis strongly believes that the future, peace, stability and growth of a people rest heavily in the minds and hearts of the younger generation. this is why she is focused on restoring hope for a better tomorrow in the minds of the younger generation using her art for advocacy. ” nuture them in the way they should grow and they shall not depart from it”. fun facts🤗 mavis is an igbo girl who was raised in a yoruba land. this provided her the opportunity to explore the beauty of diversity in another’s language and culture. she understands that tolerance, love and respect are basic tools for a peaceful coexistence. Growing up as a child she so much love the stories of the Yoruba people that as an undergraduate, she directed a stage play based on the popular yoruba ancestral myth ‘moremi ajansoro’ which attracted the presence of the oni of ife and also won her school a slot in the annual performance in respect of the Legendary Moremi. Another interesting thing about mavis which is also quite funny is the fact that She is a lover of music and dance but when it’s game time, she’s a terrible singer and a dancer as well.