DAMILOLA BOLARINDE This 25-year-old is a resilient young woman with ambitions. ‘Queendammy,’ as she is affectionately known by her peers, is an energetic, fierce, and goal-oriented woman who has been working unconventionally as a professional, commercial, and international fashion model for 8 years. Her talent and uniqueness have helped her build a portfolio full of jobs from world-renowned designers and stylists, which is why she is so passionate about her advocacy “raising awareness on the GREAT ADVANTAGES OF UNCONVENTIONAL JOBS, and how it can improve people’s standard of living.” However, her deep passion for fashion has given her the drive to be a successful woman in the fashion industry, which has led her to start her own small Fashion business with her siblings, but she is currently working towards studying and having a degree in FASHION at ISTANBUL BILGI UNIVERSITY. Her aspiration is to make a positive impact in the world while doing what she loves. She believes that one can never know the great power they have within them until they begin to believe THEY DO. FUN-FACT. Queendammy is a nature lover, and you can always find her on the beach relaxing and appreciating God’s masterpiece, “NATURE.” She will look you in the eyes and predict what is going on in your mind. She began developing a sense of independence at the age of 16 by learning three acquisition skills to help support her family. Aside from being a great model, she also has a variety of talents and skills that most people are unaware of. Here are a few examples: She used to be a customs broker, a hairstylist, a dancer, a cosmetologist, and a fashion stylist, and she is now an actor and a fitness enthusiast.