Meet obasi chidimma,she hails from ebonyi state and a graduate of marketing and business mgt. loosing her parents at a very young age helped shape her into the woman she’s today.she and her sister were denied everything her parents owned which made her as a child,wanted a platform to be able to speak for the girl-child.this desire made her,despite being a very shy girl enter for her 1st pageant in 2012.she emerged the winner and used the platform to speak on something that she noticed was very common then;early girl-child marriage.she realized that as a result of pushing girls into getting married early,they suffered from visco-vigianal fistula(vvf).through research,she realized that most of these girls were pushed into early marriage because they were orphans and their family believes.she was able to sensitize these young ladies on the importance of informal education through skills acquisition.due to life experiences,she has become an advocate for gender equity and her job as an investment banker,has availed her many opportunities to interact and enlighten people more on this advocacy.her passion also made her to take up the position as the teen pastor in her local church,to enable her talk to teens more(both female and male) and help guide them to make better life facts; -she’s an ardent believer of daily positive affirmations. -she’s a very shy lady but not timid;winning her very first pageant sparked her passion into the modeling world and also shaped her into a more outspoken person. -she loves working out a lot. it’s what she calls her stress relief strategy. most ideas she has got in life,she got when she was exercising. -she’s an overly emotional person that loves to appear tough. -people are usually very amazed when she talks about her life experiences. especially when she tells them she had to hawk(pure water,groundnuts etc),to assist her grandparents.but in all,her story and where she’s today has inspired a lot of people mostly teenagers.