About Miss Renowned Nigeria


THE MISS RENOWNED NIGERIA (Beauty Personified) beauty pageant is a brand from On God Media Agency outfit, targeted at redefining beauty with a connotation of purpose, and with a sole aim of carrying out humanitarian activities.

Our Pedigree for The Miss Renowned Nigeria pageant is a search of rare combination of beauty and brains. Impeccable young ladies that would uphold strong values, beauty, intellects and prestige. The Miss Renowned Nigeria (Beauty Personified) is a prestigious Crown that goes beyond physical beauty, the organization aim at helping young girls find their true essence. We search for women that have a big heart towards society, we believe in uplifting and giving a voice to those who have the courage to stand out.

This platform is all about Impact, not just a beautiful girl with a designer gown and a crown, But a girl that can create long lasting Impact and change the world in her own little way. A platform that develop potentials and talents, using pageantry as a tool for promoting peace, progress and youth development.

We believe that change will come if we all command it from our own little corner; our pageantry platform also helps to project and celebrate our unique rich cultural heritage to every part of Africa and the entire world at large.

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